ETA Information

1. Explaining of ETA

The letters of ETA mean Electronic Travel Authority and it's the required authority for travelling to Canada, and it's totally stored online. Starting March of 2016, all Eta to Canada were replaced by e-Tourist Visa (ETA). It's validity is for all Visa-Exempt foreign nationals.

2. Who is eligible to apply to the e-Visa Canada Authority (ETA)?

All foregin Visa-Exempt nationals, except US citizens should have a valid e-Visa prior to enter to Canada.

3. Which are the requirements to apply for this e-Visa Canada?

There are some mandatory things required prior to apply for the Canadian e-Visa as the International Passport, one valid e-mail address, and, finally, one credit card.

Once you check and confirm you already have these three things ready and available you will have to put the data exactly as your personal documents are saying. If you don't write the personal data exactly as appears in your passport, you can make your application get unfortunately rejected.

To make sure the application is approved and valid visitors will have to make sure they include the following details:

Full name as it appears in the passport
Passport number
Permanent address
Date and place of birth
Marital Status

4. How much time will the e-Visa Canada be valid for?

This Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada is valid for 5 years or until the passport of the visitor expires.

Regarding how many times can you enter Canada during the validity time of your e-Visa, it's unlimited number of times.

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